2015 Chrysler 200S


Lena R.

Test-driving the 2015 Chrysler 200S was a memorable experience. I was surprised at how smooth it drove and how quickly it could accelerate. Besides the driving, the car itself was incredible; it isequipped with various nifty features, like a rear view mirror dimmer that lessens the glare at night from the lights of other drivers, spacious hidden compartments, and a touchscreen. At first all the buttons seem a little intimidating, but it’s nothing an afternoon getting acquainted with all of its bells and whistles won’t fix. My favorite feature was the heated seats and heated steering wheel, making me almost wish that it was cold enough outside for me to use the heated seats feature for an extended period of time. The one thing that would have added icing to the cake is a sunroof!


Adam W.

This week at Royal Auto, the Hartwick Experience test-drove the 2015 Chrysler 200 S. My first thought about the vehicle from an exterior view was it seemed pretty compact but it had a fresh look to it. When I finally sat in the car it was very spacious and the seats were comfortable. I like how most of the interior was black leather, but the seats had a different fabric on it so it won’t burn you on hot summer days. When I began to drive, the gas and break seemed slightly sensitive, but nothing that would prevent me from purchasing this car. The touch screen was very big and easy to read, but it was semi hard to navigate. Once I played with it for a little I got the hang of it. I thought that the heated seats and steering wheel was a great addition to the vehicle. I also really liked that you have the ability to drive manually or automatically depending on if you were in the sports gear or not. Lastly, overall the car drove very smoothly, and I would highly recommend it to adults that like to ride in style and that can afford it.


Emily S.

I really enjoyed the feel of this car. Now that we have driven two different cars, the Elantra and the 200s, I really liked the 200s. I mean what’s not to like about it? There are a ton of fancy features that draw my attention, for example the heated steering wheel and heated seats. I also really liked the look of the inside of the car. It had a sleek and sharp look all around. The 200s drove extremely smooth. The seats were my favorite part. I don’t think I have ever sat in a more comfortable car. It is hard to describe the way it felt, but my back would not hurt after a long car ride in this car. All in all, this car gets 10/10 stars for me!


Jake S.

The Chrysler 200 S 2015 has a sleek appeal. The build of the car from the outside gives the car a sport feel. When opening the trunk I saw lots of space and trunk can be reached from the backseats of the car. The luxury car provides the driver with a push-start but that’s not the only cool part about starting the car. On the key a button is given for you to start the vehicle without being inside of it. The inside includes leather seating with heated passenger and driver seats. The transmission is used with a knob that the driver turns to change gear. On the front dashboard there’s a huge navigation screen, which is touch sensitive. From the screen you can control temperature, music and navigation. All seats give a soft, comfortable feel and very spacious when seated in the back. Overall the Chrysler 200 compares with other luxury cars and could possibly be better buy.

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