2015 Hyundai Elantra ES


Emily S.

I really liked the feel of this car. It drove really smoothly and it was really comfortable. I also like the price of it, currently $99 a month for a 24-month lease. It’s a great deal for a simple car. It is simple but also has the extra stuff like Bluetooth, rear view camera, and buttons on the steering wheel. The gas mileage is really good as well. Adam had said in our video it’s a college feel, not really knowing what he meant but I would say it kind of is because it’s affordable, it has the extra things that our age group wants, and it looks pretty nice from the outside. This would definitely be a car I would consider leasing, especially with the price. It fills all of my checks that I look for in a car. This also is our first car we are experimenting with so there is not much to compare to, but other than that I really liked it!

Jake S.

From front to back the 2015 Elantra is equipped with quality features. The cabin is spacious along side the trunk. The seats give a comfortable feel as well as enough leg space in the back. The back is equipped with a pull down arm rest and cup holder useful for McDonald’s drive-thrus. Driving the vehicle is very easy with the handling and small steering wheel. The gas pedal pushes down slowly to give an easy acceleration and the brakes don’t jerk if pushed down on slowly. The music player offers Sirius radio with a “banging” music system. The car itself is small but offers more than it is worth. The 2015 Elantra’s back three seats come down to open up more room if you can’t fit all your materials in the trunk. Overall the Elantra is small, efficient and gets great gas mileage

Lena R.

The first car I test drove was the 2015 Hyundai Elantra. As both a driver and a passenger, I was able to experience the new car from two different perspectives. Having sat in the backseat when we pulled out of the dealership, I was surprised at how smooth the car accelerated, which was surprising due to the fact that it is a four cylinder car. When it was my turn to drive, everything was easily visible, instantly falling in love with the blind spot mirror on the driver’s side mirror.Another added feature that was appealing was the rearview camera; it was so nice to have that turn on right away as you started to reverse. I found that the steering wheel was a little high up, but that is usually an alteration that can easily be fixed by adjusting a lever. I was also stunned to hear that to lease the car the payment would only be $99 a month for 24 months, which just means less shopping trips to TJ Maxx.

Adam W.
During our first test drive we had the opportunity to drive the 2015 Hyundai Elantra. My first impression of the car was it was simple, spacious, and a decent car for a college student. Being a college student myself, while I was driving the car, I felt very safe. It didn’t accelerate too fast and the breaks weren’t too sensitive. Overall it was very easy to drive. All the buttons on the steering will were big enough to recognize what was what, but small enough that they weren’t annoyingly in the way. The touch screen was also very easy to use. I was able to sync my phone to play music through Bluetooth, and make hands free phone calls.

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