2015 Jeep Renegade


Emily S.

This past week we drove the 2015 Jeep Renegade. This was a basic jeep that was specialized for driving on rough terrain areas. We drove it off road on the dirt roads up to a field. I thought it drove really nicely and it was smooth over all the bumps. I thought it was really comfortable to drive. I really like the feel of the driver’s seat and the steering wheel. The passenger seat was just as comfortable. The backseat was a little tight but it was still comfortable and it was expected to be tight being a jeep. One of the major differences of this car was there was no navigation system.


Lena R.

This week at Royal Auto we test-drove the 2015 Jeep Renegade Sport. This was my first time driving anything bigger than a sedan and I have to say it was quite an enjoyable experience. One of the main features I loved about this car was how large the windows were, compared to the 2013 Hyundai Veloster your view was not restricted by the compact style of the car.I thought by driving a big car I was sure to run into something, the windshield and windows combined with the mirrors, made navigating an easy experience. It was fun riding through rough terrain, knowing that some of the other cars we drove in the past would not have made it up the steep gravel and dirt roads. Although the backseat did not have a lot of room, there was a tall ceiling, which made it feel more spacious.I was surprised to see how small the trunk space was, usually when you think of Jeep you connect it with outdoor activities, but with this car it would be hard to go on a long camping trip.All in all, this car is a perfect match for someone who enjoys both the outdoor lifestyle and city living.


Jake S.

The 2015 jeep renegade looked small from first sight. Opening the driver door the seat looked very comfortable and spacious. Across in the passenger even more space to move about. An old school feel with the stereo set the mood. Moving to the back seats, although very comfortable, the space was very limited. It is definitely not comfortable fitting in three people. The trunk offered a good amount of room but not as much as I would have thought even though Jeep’s tend to not have trunks. Overall the jeep gave a feel for off road and good times.


Adam W.

This week at Royal Auto we drove the 2015 Jeep Renegade Sport. When I first sat in the car as a front seat passenger it was very spacious. The seats were easy to get comfortable for rugged rides. As we would accelerate, the car had excellent noise suppression so it would be superb if you wanted to take a nap on extensive car rides. When I first began to drive the vehicle I enjoyed the steering wheel. It slid smoothly through my hands and it made the oversized car extremely easy to handle. While driving, all I wanted to do was whip around it a muddy terrain because of its off-road capabilities. The interior was simplistic to say the least. There wasn’t very many buttons, so it makes it stress-free to navigate if you aren’t tech savvy. Although it has many great attributes, it does have some negatives. The back seat room was unimpressive, and there were limited cup holders. Overall, I really enjoyed this vehicle and I would highly recommend it to people in rural areas or people in regions with rugged terrain.

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