Dodge Ram 1500

Jake S.

The 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 truck was fully equipped along with customizable parts. The truck sat up high giving the option of two different stairs to enter. Climbing into the front the passenger and driver were offered lots of room to move about. One of the most notable features was the amount of space in the center compartment and throughout the front two seats. Moving into the back 3 seats awaited 3 smaller passengers that would find comfortably. Not as much room as you’d think from the outside but overall the seats provide comfort and looks. Usually in trucks the back window is slid back with a hand but in the front, on the roof, a button is provided for easy access. Being as big as it is the pick up the truck has is incredible and you can really feel it’s power though the pedal. Overall the truck offers an experience for the driver as one of a kind. Its unique features and customizable parts make the car stylish but beneficial for workers.


Emily S.

This week driving the 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 was really cool. I’ve never been in a truck so high up before and had to drive. I felt like I could see everything. I really liked the gas and feel of this truck. There was a ton of room and compartments everywhere. The bass on this truck was unreal. You could feel it through your whole body. There was also satellite radio, which was really good especially in Oneonta, where there are no radio stations. The acceleration and brakes were awesome. It felt super safe and comfortable. The windows were huge so you could literally see everything especially being so high up. The bed of the truck was also the perfect size to throw a blanket back there, lay down there, and watch the stars. Although I will probably never want a truck for myself I really liked driving this big thing around Oneonta for the day.


Lena R.

This week we test-drove a 2015 Dodge Ram 1500. It was pretty amazing to see how smooth the truck reacted when going on some rough terrain. I had never driven, let alone been in a truck of this size before. It felt weird being so high up. While driving, I had a hard time seeing what was directly in front of me and behind me. I could no longer fit into tight spaces that I would normally be able to fit in with a sedan. I was surprised at how spacious the truck was, aside from all of the compartment space, the seating was very roomy. While riding in the back seat I noticed that you could easily fit a third person in the back without having to fight for leg space. A feature I thought was pretty nifty was how the rear-view window would open with just a simple switch located above the rearview mirror, making it easily accessible to the driver. This truck with its spacious compartments and backseat, make it perfect for both work and family. Overall, this truck was really fun to drive and definitely an interesting experience.


Adam W.

This week at Royal Auto we test-drove the 2015 Ram 1500. My first impression of the vehicle from the outside was it was huge! In my past experiences driving larger cars they were very hard to handle; however, this was not the case for the Ram 1500. The handling was very smooth. The horsepower in this Ram allows for a ridiculously fast acceleration. The interior of the car was advanced in regards to most heavy-duty trucks, but simplistic in regards to most high tech cars. What I really enjoyed about the truck was it was quite spacious in the front. There was enough room to be comfortable for long periods of time. I also appreciated all of the compartments. There were two glove compartments, as well as an enormous middle compartment with two levels in it. The rear of the truck had a ton of room in it. I would highly recommend this truck to people that live on farms, in rural areas, and or work in construction.

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